Updated my site.

2011-07-12 11:04:15 by rorychally

Yep. Also, Here's the original Madness Affliction, which I decided to scrap because it was about as fast as a snail crawling through toffee while he is on the way to work. The animation also sucks.

(Also) - Animator's block with this collab part...

Updated my site.


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2011-07-12 20:26:20

That would look good if remade to be faster. Just sayin :P

(Updated ) rorychally responds:

Thanks :P That's what I'm doing now, essentially...


2011-07-13 04:38:16

Thats amazing! nice blood and background

rorychally responds:

Thanks man :D


2011-07-16 13:29:46

Wow, the details were fucking amazing dude!
Holy shit, that was awesome!

rorychally responds:

Thank you :p


2011-07-17 09:27:48

That actually isn't so bad.

rorychally responds:

I am grateful for this comment.


2011-07-21 15:16:12

Damn dude!! Call me crazy but, to me that's actually very good animation. I'd have loved to see that continued, but oh well.

rorychally responds:

I'm glad you like it, though the story has been rebooted, so in essence I am continuing with it, just not this particular animation.


2011-07-21 17:42:10

Awesome man. (:


2011-07-25 00:24:27

i like this sprites

rorychally responds:

Thanks, baked them myself :)


2011-07-25 11:09:10

nice sprites
and good luck man!

rorychally responds:

Thanks a lot :p


2011-07-27 17:07:27

Hehehe... >:3

*right click picture, copy, open flash, paste, re-draw, take credit* They are rather epic, I must say. The sprites, not YOUR PENISES.

rorychally responds:

I'm truly flattered.


2011-07-28 04:25:06

Got some sugar I can borrow?

rorychally responds:

Omg yes. Take all the sugar you want. Courtesy of the house.


2011-08-03 22:51:00

How is going your part (test)?

(Updated ) rorychally responds:

Quite slowly right now :/ I'm also going on holiday soon soo... awkward. And after my holidays I practically start college straight after so time finding may be awkward.


2011-08-07 15:55:01

the sprites look really good, i wish i was that good, got eany tips like for the lines and sprites, did i ask you be for :}

rorychally responds:

Na you didn't. But I'd say always draw line shape things with hairline thickness; It's easier to shape things together that way. It's better to have snapping on. Also use the power of layers to construct shapes. Like with the head, I drew the shading line and stuff first and drew the 'face' on a layer above. Smoothing also gets rid of bumpy lines when you draw them with the pencil tool.


2011-08-07 16:52:31

thanks :) this has really helped! sometimes when i want to draw jackets and stuff like that, i have no ideas and i end up drawing really bad stuff, has it ever happend to you?

rorychally responds:

Well, I guess it used to back in the day hehe.


2011-08-09 10:28:12

I IZ CUTE CAT :3333333 look at tr3yo's post :33333333333333333333


2011-08-21 11:52:17

it is time to be back... or not?

rorychally responds:

I am, if only physically.


2011-08-26 15:08:23

yo you need to make some tests for nambois test collab, your a great animator

rorychally responds:

I guess I do... thanks :)


2011-09-08 02:00:01

Nice whatever you say man, finish that and I'll give you a cookie :3

rorychally responds:

Thanks very much :) I am very pre-occupied at the moment though...