2011-06-18 08:55:21 by rorychally

I always seem to encounter miniature forms of writer's block regularly when animating madness. I would appreciate it if some people gave me some inspiring comments; I'll put up a screenie if I get enough.

(Also A) - Should I get a used large wacom intuos 4 from Amazon?

(Also B) - Ordered a Wacom intuos4 from Amazon because I freakin' can.

(Also C) - Got about 500 frames of raw animation. I like to take my time ;)

(Also D) - Got my new tablet. Oh yeah.

(Also E) - Got like 300 frames of shotgun ownage in the shortest time ever (For me), about a week.

(Also F) -Screenie.

(Also G) - Though I rushed this a bit, I stil think I'm a fricken fbf noob.

(Also H) - I made something. What a fail that turned out to be T-T

(Also I) - God damn it, Kirk, you show up uninvited and shoot the place up while I'm trying to enjoy my morning coffee.


(Also K) - I've been animating madness for nearly 4 years now (about 2 years excluding the time I haven't been on newgrounds) and I've only just discovered how you can get rid of symbols snapping to alignments. The quality of my animations may increase :P

(Also L) - I've been screen recording me animating the whole of the 3rd room so far of Madness Affliction (Working title). I'll probably release that if I get this thing done; Like a "Behind the scenes" featurette.

Picture related.



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2011-06-18 12:31:35

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

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She starts crying at the end.

rorychally responds:

Humanity has truly acquired a prosperous benefit from this spam.


2011-06-19 17:27:50

I hate getting animator's block! So annoying..... but hope you get through, man- you sure ARE a fantastic animator!!

rorychally responds:

I know right frequent cups of green tea or coffee help me. also THANK YOU :P


2011-06-21 12:40:32

I just felt I had to reply to your hello on the frontpage, just because I bet you didn't expect somebody would =O HI!

rorychally responds:

Really? Thanks :P Hello! I suspected that the "writing on the front page" secret didn't actually work. I was wrong.


2011-06-22 01:24:03

(in a nice voice)Just know you are an awesome animator for madness,You can make an type of Madness video,Comedy,Violence or anything I forgot!
You have great skills so do the world a favor,(in a soft voice)Be an animator again!

rorychally responds:

Thanks so much! (In a pleased voice) I'll try.


2011-06-22 17:47:06

Woody doesn't cut it as a protagonistic black guy, Jus' sayin'.

rorychally responds:

True dat nigga.


2011-06-25 07:44:38


rorychally responds:

Here, have some tissues.


2011-06-26 09:41:23

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Story related.

rorychally responds:

You had me at hello.


2011-06-28 20:27:14

Woooo frame by frame.

rorychally responds:

Frame by framing is the best, but recently I have tweened a little when I can't be bothered or if I'm animating a long stretch of small movement. As long as you make it look good and you don't abuse it, tweening is ok too :)


2011-06-28 22:29:20

Haha a Day to Remember song? (The "You Had Me At Hello" part)
And that man looks pissed in the picture.

rorychally responds:

Haha na sorry :P Oh man he is!


2011-06-30 14:01:03

youre great symbol animator and i think youre good at fbf too!

rorychally responds:

Thank you I guess :P


2011-07-03 23:44:40

Nice FBF test. It's honestly pretty good.

rorychally responds:

Thank you man :)


2011-07-05 11:44:51

No offence but i think the fbf needs a lot of work. I know you can do better :)

rorychally responds:

Right you are, Thanks :P


2011-07-05 12:04:20

Haha. The new one is alot better :D

rorychally responds:

Thanks :p I'd like to make a toon with that style one day.


2011-07-06 14:40:29

Nice test u did thar!

Also, wattabat the collab?

rorychally responds:

Thanks :) Also I don't have a clue. You can do it if you want.


2011-07-06 14:53:12

you're welcome. (:

rorychally responds:



2011-07-06 16:42:52

Nice FBF tests, the second is exactly better, but too short

rorychally responds:

Thanks, and yeah, I'm not experienced enough to animate at extreme length.


2011-07-07 21:11:29

My comp is a fucking bitch, cant even animate on an 400 kb file.

rorychally responds:

Do you have the preview mode set to fast? That normally helps.