I'm a blackman bitch.

2011-01-03 21:23:18 by rorychally

I got a macbook pro for christmas and I managed to get flash 8 on it yay :) i've made a few songs and submitted a madness animation I did originally for a collab. Check them out if you're bored. I did, before, start making this big-ass madness movie, (of which i've done only several frames) I need to convert cs3 files to flash 8 files. How?

Edit- I'm all sorted now really...

Edit 2 - lol r.i.p http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/26 2f421f99efe38159cc91182c892450

also. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /397509

I'm a blackman bitch.


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2011-01-03 23:16:42

You stole mah bike!

rorychally responds:

Damn it I saw i had a comment and I get a funny thing :/ i was hoping for some help on my flash converting dilemma. Thanks anyway though and yeah I sold it for crack.


2011-01-04 05:19:41

I don't think you can open CS3 files in Flash 8.. Sorry..

rorychally responds:

I know, i managed to get them converted to flash 8 thanks to DIMB. Its all good.


2011-01-04 05:22:23

Actually, wait. You'd have to go back into CS3, and when you save the flash, save it as a Flash 8 file.
I'm not sure how to do that (since I use 8 all the time) but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

rorychally responds:

Yeah i couldnt do that because the cs3 i had was buttfucked for whatever reason.


2011-01-04 06:03:41

You could get a SWF decompiler and convert the flash file.

Also, you live in wales? Cool.

rorychally responds:

Thanks for the suggestion. Its ok now i think i needn't bother. And yes i do :)


2011-01-04 15:36:10

That animation was nice. Lemme guess- it was for Madness Accumulation 2 by 1337-dawg. Also, enjoy 2011.....

rorychally responds:

Yes it was. Thanks you too.


2011-01-11 09:51:58

oh cool. a macbook bro. finally someone with the same OS as mine. Also do you still have ur taboet :) ?

rorychally responds:

Yes I do :)


2011-01-16 07:35:11

And then we all wore Top Hats to remember times when the world was black and white

rorychally responds:

Indeed top hats, my old friend.


2011-01-18 11:56:17

I didnt know there were black people in wales.

(Updated ) rorychally responds:

There aren't. I'm Caucasian ;I


2011-01-19 05:01:51

Lookin good pally. I don't even flash anymore so I couldn't help you at anything flash related.

rorychally responds:

oh, it's ok


2011-01-21 22:52:19

Madness Fusion, man that brought back memories.....

rorychally responds:

haha i know right?


2011-02-12 01:36:11

I can convert a cs3 files to a flash 8 files easily :3

rorychally responds:

Thanks ill take that into account :) right now im ok though.