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2010-01-03 03:29:55 by rorychally

I don't know what to post D:

ah well. Story-boarding and stuff. T'is for a thing that COULD lift off the ground.

[Edit] - Oh no, a new song. They seem to be getting worse D: I fucking give up. Pure embarrassment in mp3 format...



2009-12-22 01:34:49 by rorychally

Finished my Formidilosus II collab part. All done with that. 820 frames. I might do another. I might not. Depends.

bye ^^-

[Edit] - Merry mother-f*cking christmas peeps >:D

[Edit 2] - Have a moderately happy new year folks!

[Edit 3] - I should have my new old cheapy tablet on tuesday :D :D :D woohoo.


So, my p.c fucked up, again. I lost everything. Fortunately I, with a few impulsive clicks, managed to obtain it once again. I have CS3 right now :3.

... But the news is, I am doing something (YAY).
It's for Formidilosus II...

please comment and pretend to care about how I'm back on here and not dead and stuff.

</pointless crap>

Shwmae! Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda!

a new post

2009-08-27 11:54:38 by rorychally

nothing for MD 09


a little announcment

2009-04-26 13:47:46 by rorychally

i have aquired tablet :D

a little announcment

news post

2009-04-19 17:58:07 by rorychally

this news post is about nothing except the fact that this post isn't about anything, so it is about something but that something isn't really anything as there is nothing in this post, except for this something that i just wrote.

lolwhut ?

btw lip sync test


2009-04-10 17:37:25 by rorychally

here is a screenie from a new secret project ;)

but this is different, i have every intention of actually finishing this thing and submitting it here.


a new post

2009-03-22 14:27:31 by rorychally

oMG !!

a new post

going to america :D

2009-02-10 19:42:04 by rorychally

i'm going to the u.s.a for nine days with my school. we'll start out at california, then travel to nevada, and then finally arizona. i'm going to see the grand canyon wich im really excited about :p i've been waiting for this trip for like 3 years so im pretty darn excited. it'll be my first time in america.ok that is all by.


2008-10-12 12:56:52 by rorychally


and i have done nothing in the past 4 weeks :(
i lack motivation.
thinking about making a game.